Who we are

As the UK’s leading fallen stock collectors, with a strong regional focus, we operate a safe, secure and reliable service.

EU regulations mean that all fallen animals have to be disposed of by specialists as soon as possible. Our work not only complies with these legal requirements but helps maintain animal health and bio-security in the UK.

What we do

Not all animal by-products are suitable for recycling into new products. Far from it. Some raw materials are potentially hazardous. The law says these have to be carefully disposed of. That’s where we come in.

We’re part of SARIA, whose name is synonymous with security in animal processing. SecAnim collects and processes materials in line with legal requirements. And to the highest levels of hygiene standards.

Why we are unique

We are the only fallen stock collector in the country which operates the full secure disposal chain. This includes:

  • Own collection vehicles.
  • Secure processing plants.
  • Biomass combustion plants.
  • Three fallen stock collection centres providing national coverage.

We own and manage every stage of the disposal process. And our staff are highly trained and experienced.

“I have used SecAnim’s service on many occasions. Their collection processes are safe, efficient and compliant with government regulations, which gives me a great deal of peace of mind. The service is really reliable and I would recommend them to anyone needing to dispose safely of fallen stock.”
– Mr. R. Vaughan, Red Hall Farm, Alvaston, Nantwich

“I use SecAnim as my disposal outlet for butchery waste on a regular basis. I have always found their staff to be professional and friendly. They deal with my butchery waste effiently and safely and I would recommend their services.”
– Mr. M. Lewis, Lewis Farm Shop, Eyton, Nr. Wrexham

Reasons why SecAnim is the number one choice

Comprehensive service
Our service is tailored to your needs. We use the correct equipment, vehicle and collection boxes for your requirements and dispose of all types of fallen stock, including those born before 1996, with liners provided free of charge.

Prompt collections with our fleet
Same or next day collections wherever possible. Drop off your fallen stock, or arrange a regular or one-off collection. Organised at your convenience.

Full secure disposal chain
We have a completely secure disposal chain, from collection vehicles that are power-washed and disinfected daily, to secure processing facilities and biomass combustion plants.

A safe pair of hands
Our staff are highly-trained and experienced in the humane killing of animals. This gives our customers a more complete service.

Legal compliance
As an approved member of the National Fallen Stock Scheme, we are fully compliant with government legislation. What’s more, we employ stringent bio-security measures to avoid all potential safety issues. With SecAnim you can be sure that your fallen stock will be safely and securely disposed of.

Part of SARIA
SecAnim are a part of SARIA, a name that is synonymous across Europe with security in animal processing collections and processes.

Safe, secure disposal at a certified SecAnim plant
We own our own rendering plants, and our three fallen stock centres are ideally located to serve key livestock production areas. You can rest assured that we’ll always have the capability to dispose appropriately of your stock.

Convenient collection service
We understand how busy your day can be, so we arrange collection times to suit your needs.

Lowest prices
We pride ourselves on offering the lowest price thanks to our fully-integrated efficiencies.

Why should I use SecAnim to collect my fallen stock?

  • Experienced and trained staff.
  • Service tailored to your needs.
  • Hassle-free service.
  • Collection of all types of fallen stock including those born before 1996.
  • Safe vehicles and equipment.
  • Security in animal processing, collections and processes.
  • SecAnim are part of SARIA, a trusted name in animal processing.
  • Legal compliance meets all government legislation.
  • Convenient collections.
  • Lowest prices.
  • Approved member of National Fallen Stock Scheme.